Chart Projector

Product Details

Appa LED Vision Chart

Model : ALVC-20


  • Optotypes Tests
  • Mirrored Optotypes
  • Dot Pattern(Test)
  • Color Pattern (Test)
  • Duo-Chrome (Test)
  • Snellen’s Chart Pattern (Test) with all Indian & Foreign Languages
  • Operated with Cord or Cordless Remote
  • Maintenance Free


The LED Vision chart unit is used for measuring the visual acuity and colour blindness of the human eye.

The LED Vision Chart unit is more efficient use of its innovative features.

The LED Vision Chart unit is flexible, easy to use as compared with other products in the biomedical field.

This LED Vision chart unit is the important one and to trouble free operation.

  • DOT PATTERN(TEST): It is used to find out the fraction of eye symbol ‘O’
  • COLOUR PATTERN (TEST): It is consists of RED. GREEN, YELLOW Colour.It is used to find out the colour blindness of the human eye symbol.
  • DUO-CHROME (TEST): To find out the RED & GREEN colour with background of lettering. Finally it is used to find out red&green colour.
  • SNELLEN’S CHART PATTERN (TEST): To find the visual acuity. The various sizes of letters are used in this chart. All language characteristics is used for snellen’s chart.


The LED Vision Chart units remote contains 4 switches, their functions are
ON / º -  Chart Pattern, Dot Pattern.
= / ¤   -  Duo-chrome Pattern, Colour test Pattern.
UP  -  Moves the chart upward position.
DOWN - Moves the chart downward position.


Simple, compactness, sludgy constructions and lightness make the LED Vision Chart unit easy to use. LED Vision chart unit can the operated with cord or cordless remote. All the charts are based on snellen’s test type printed using acrylic coating. It is available in all patterns and all Indian and foreign languages.

Main Voltage 230V AC Supply
Power    60 Watts
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Display Voltage 12V DC 
Stepper Motor 12V DC
SMPS O/P 12V DC   
Test Distance Meter Mirror
Length 385mm
Breath 315mm
Width Width
Weight 6.7Kg( Gross), 4.7Kg Net
Standard Accessories 
Hand & Wire Remote Each 1 No
Table Base Clamp 1 No
1.5 V AA Battery 2 Nos


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