Ophthalmic Refraction Unit

Product Details

Appa Ophthalmic Refraction Unit

Model : AARU-2000 ELEGANT


The Appa ophthalmic Refraction Unit has upholstered top with its seat and back cushioned. The covering of the ophthalmic chair is made of various materials like leather or rexine. Which are available in various colours.

Product Features

The backrest of the hospital ophthalmic chair has full elevation system for smooth vertical patient positioning.

The Ophthalmic chair has armrests and a footrest that move up and out of the way for patient convenience and comfort.

The Ophthalmic chair can also rotate 180°, so the practitioner can rotate during selected procedures while the patient is repositioned.

The Ophthalmic chair’s height is adjustable. Easy operation by foot control switch.

All adjustments of the ophthalmic chair can be done motorized.


Technical Specifications

Seat minimum height 550 mm
Seat Maximum height 710 mm
Up &Down stroke 160 mm
Seat Rotation 0 to 180°
Back & Forward movement 95° to 175°
Net Weight 196 kg
Load Lifting 200 kg
Motor Available 24V DC
Stabilizer required 1 kva min
Minimum area required 8’ X 10’
Optional Left side stand is also available for convenient.
Standard Color available Blue, Gray, Maroon Green, Black
Power Requirements  
AC Input    230V AC   50 Hz
Fuses    5A Slow Blow
Power in VA      350 VA 


  • Slit Lamp
  • Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope
  • Keratometer or autorefractometer
  • Inirect ophthalmoscope and streak retinoscope
  • Chart projector
  • Trial lens set
  • Sight tester (Phoropter)
  • Marked are available as optional accessories at extra cost