Ophthalmic Equipment

Parameters Description
Console Portable & Light weight console
Display10.4” soft touch clear LCD Display
ProfileFive Independent program modes for surgeons.
Operating ModesVitrectomy, Diathermy, I/A, Capvac, Phaco I Phaco II & Phaco III modes
Vacuum5 – 500mmHg in Linear/Non-Linear
Aspiration modesPeristaltic Pump in Linear/ Non-Linear
PhacoemulsificationFrequency 40 KHz, with Auto tuning handpiece
Phaco modesBurst, Continuous, pulse, Micro pulse, occlusion pulse, Occlusion Micro pulse.
Rise TimeRise time 1, 2 & 3 for progressive, turbo & Maximum aspiration respectively.
Micro-pulse Varies from 5-50 Pulses/Sec with User Programmable duty cycle (from 2 ms to 10ms on time).
VitrectomyHigh speed cutter with Single cut, Variable from 60 to 2520 real cuts/min in 23 gauge Pneumatic cutter).
CutterPneumatic driven cutter 20, 23 & 25 G compatibility
Diathermy Endo Diathermy, controlled by foot pedal
Video overlay Video enable in all the modes.
Footswitch Multifunctional Footswitch with Dual linear Control, Mode increment & Decrement Button.
Trolley Economic- Mobile Trolley with manual and automatic I/V pole.
Automated IV pole Motorized IV pole for increase & Decrease the IV bottle height.
Dimension 39.5 mm (L), 410 mm (W), 196 mm (H)
Main power 220V AC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Current Rating 6 Amps
Power Rating 250 Watts